About Us

Our Founder Joseph Phillips


IMG_0723-Recovered"For his integrity was of that unimpeachable stalwart kind that no stress of circumstances could swerve nor temptation overthrow."

"He was never charged with violating his word or departing from steadfast uprightness of character."






To this day, Phillips Brothers Insurance follows in Joseph’s footsteps by adhering to the high ethical standard he set forth. We won’t let you settle for the wrong coverage. We support our clients and partner with them to demonstrate the value of comprehensive insurance to their business and family.
Untitled-1-2-1Phillips Brothers is unique. The close family dynamic that has driven this 100+ year old company has honed an aggressive focus on technology, innovation, and being a stand for people ‘doing right’. We are proud to be an influential and positive generational force in the insurance industry.

We do not allow clients to be improperly exposed.
As an example of this commitment, Phillips Bros. works with top carriers in the industry ensuring that their clients procure the best possible contracts. Phillips Bros. insists on including water coverage, guaranteed replacement cost, etc. in their policies. Other firms do not, only to have their clients alarmed and on the losing end in a claim.

Phillips Bros. builds long term relationships with our clients and are advocates on their behalf.  Family assets and irreplaceable items of value in the home or business must be meticulously covered. With Phillips Bros., you are going to get the best possible outcome, while other firms will allow you to live with risk and potential unspoken shortfall.

Our clients have been informed and properly covered in an ethical manner since 1873. Honoring our heritage and the values of our founder Joseph Phillips. That’s why Phillips Bros. continues to be a stalwart in the insurance industry.

Fast Phillips Bros. Facts: Founded on Friday, Jan. 31st 1873 5 generations of Phillips leadership, and growing Phillips Bros. meets in person  Phillips Bros. practices a more sophisticated approach for superior coverage Clients from Florida to California and around the globe.